How music benefits your child’s learning abilities – while having fun!

There are numerous studies on how music benefits your child. In 2016, researchers from the University of South California concluded that when children experience music in their childhood, it accelerates the development of their brains. It particularly benefits the parts that influence reading skills and help with learning languages. Another study points out that learning how to play an instrument may improve mathematical learning – and there’s more evidence that music is good for your kid. It helps children to learn how their mind and body work together and strengthens memory skills.


Music is for kids of all ages

But what’s maybe even more important than all these skills; music can make your child happy! Music is an important way for children to express themselves. This goes for children of all ages; even young infants react to music. Did you ever see your child move their hands and arms around when there is music playing in the background? Yeah, we thought so.


Most toddlers love to ‘dance’ to music and they will recognize songs when you repeat them. Repetition is key; try to have them clap along with your songs. This will stimulate their memory skills as well as their ability to learn languages.

When they grow up a little bit and start going to school, children will love to sing along with their favourite kids show’s tunes. Around this age, they might just start to get really into music and want to take up music lessons for children.

Teenagers use music to express and identify themselves. Didn’t you want to hang out with your friends after school and just listen to some music? A lot of teenagers take a strong interest in music and might want to take music lessons and maybe even play in a band – how cool is that?


Make music a part of everyday life

This is how we incorporate music in our everyday life.

  • Bed time songs!
  • Whenever we have a long drive ahead of us to family or friends, we make sure we have a child-friendly playlist. Make sure to include not only kids’ songs but include a couple of your personal favourites too – your child might just take an interest in your own musical preferences.
  • Go on a musical trip every now and then. Visit family-friendly festivals where live music is played or take a tour to an opera house.
  • Karaoke! We regularly host karaoke nights, sometimes with family members or our kid’s friends. It is not only a great way to be active with music: it is also great fun!


Is your child ready to take music lessons? Have a look at our selection of music classes in your area.

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