Importance of writing and How to inspire kids to Write

Writing is a medium of human communication that involves the representation of a language with symbols. A writing process describes the series of physical and mental actions that people take in the course of producing any kind of text.

Why writing is important for kids

As writing being an important part of one’s life, it’s a magical medium of developing communication between the two. Writing helps inspire confidence, creativity, and skills at every age. It cultivates emotional growth, develops critical thinking skills, and improve school performance.
Writing for kids should be started in the early age of childhood because it has been observed that the age between 3-7 years is a developing age for a child. The learnings of this age never fade away from a child’s life.

How writing can be fun

Fun experiences are great writing prompts for children. Young minds are full of imagination, wonder, and curiosity. Writing can be an amazing outfall for kids by doing interesting and fun learning activities. Being able to write well is an essential skill for all ages and that’s why it is very important today to encourage your children at a very early age to write.
To make writing fun we can arrange(??) interesting interactive writing classes, magical slates, writing fun experiences about the trips(???) they enjoyed, etc. One thing to keep in mind always that one should be encouraging and supportive to the child whether a  child struggles for it or enjoys it, your support and encouragement can make world of difference.

Top 10 writing activities for kids

To make a significant contribution to your kid’s development and education you should keep in mind that the main activity for every child is a game. Through the game, the child discovers the world around him.

1) Chalkboard Writing:- At the very beginning of the writing, stage kids are given chalkboards to start their writings. They have been handed over by the chalks and clipboards to make their gripping strong and to learn writing. It is a nice way to start initially as it is a reusable writing surface on which text and drawings are made with sticks and kids enjoy using it.

2) Grocery shopping list :- Ask your child to help you in making a grocery list with you that you need to buy every week or month. Ask them to add their favorites in the list by drawing pictures or writing in a short form. This will help them create their own vocabulary.

3) Dictating words:-To make the writing skills strong parents need to follow this exercise. For this parents need to dictate small or some easy words to their children regularly to improve their reading and listening skills too. Dictation provides a chance for a child to model many writing behaviors including handwriting, matching sounds to letters to spell and sentence formation.

4) Creating new words: This exercise will help develop logical thinking and improve kid’s writing skills. Prepare several cards with short words, then show them to your children and ask them to come up with two or more other words that consist the same letters.

5) Writing stories: Describe a small fictional story to your child and let them use their imagination and tell them to write small stories with their own vocabulary of whatever they heard. Let your child be creative in his/her own way.

6) Small messages: Writing messages is fun! It is a good activity to improve your child's writing skills by telling them to write and transfer the small messages to their near and dear ones or one can play this activity at school too. Pass the messages to your friends by writing on a small piece of paper and get exciting replies. Learning through play is the best-suited way to get things to learn easily.

7) Completion of the story: To make the writing more happening,one can go with the finishing of the stories if your child can read and write confidently but still does it unenthusiastically. At times offer your child to play a game, during which you have to create a short story together. Discuss the whole topic with your child and write down a few sentences that he/she will need to continue. This will help the child make his/her writing interesting and will enhance imagination and vocabulary strong.

8) Sentence formation: Pick a new word for them to learn daily explain to them the meaning of the word. Give them a task to prepare small sentence related to that word (word should exist in the sentence) and tell them to write a few sentences daily.

9) Fill in the story:-Write a story for your child and leave some blanks in it and ask your child to fill the story with the suitable words. Let them use their own intelligence and fill the gaps. This will help them develop their thinking and writing both.

10) writing Activity Worksheets:- To make writing more loving one should make interesting worksheets for writing like letter practice worksheets for preschoolers and poetry worksheets for high scholars and this is how kids can engross things more quickly.