Nothing beats quality time with the family during a weekend getaway

Even when no one is at school or work, the kids are not at their piano lessons or tennis practice and you are not preparing for your important work meeting tomorrow: chances are you’re all staring at the TV or your phones. So, even when you are all together, you’re not really together-together. No worries, we all do it and it is a nice way to relax, but a family getaway is a great way to bond as a family and have some fun together.


New experiences

Kids learn through experiences. You can read them all the books in the world, the experience of simply going out there and getting to know new places is invaluable. Children are naturally eager to learn new things and a different environment will stimulate them. Exploring new places helps them to get out of their comfort-zone and makes for children that are more open to new things.


Plan your trip together

Ask your kids where they want to go. Sure, they will probably say Disney World or some exotic place like the Caribbean, but including them while planning a weekend trip is where the bonding and the fun starts. Especially when they are a little bit older and think everything you come up with is a horrible idea, involving them in planning the trip will make the getaway a lot nicer. Ask them to check out activities they would like to do, find places they want to explore or restaurants in the area they would like to visit; anything that will help to give them the feeling they are involved in it.


Making memories

Some of our happiest memories are from the family vacations we took as children. The Family Holiday Association in the UK conducted a study on memories and happiness, and 49% of the respondents stated that their happiest memory was from one of their childhood family vacations. Let’s give our children those great memories too!



Most families’ lives are always busy, from early in the morning to bedtime. Getting up, making breakfast, school and work, after-school activities, cooking dinner, sports, music lessons, friends – there is always a lot going on. Spending a couple of days away from it all is a great way to relax. Not only you need it, also for children it is a way to not think about school for a few days.


Our holiday top-tips

  • Bring board games!
  • Go on an outdoor activity. Go kayaking, go out for a hike, rent bikes and explore the area; there’s always something fun to do outside.
  • It doesn’t necessarily have to be a trip overseas or involve a drive to the other side of the country; exploring places close to your own home is great for a weekend. After all, you want to have a good time with the family and relax, not explore the whole world.
  • Make dinner together. Let all family members do their part; whether it is making a fantasy desert that will always have too much sugar in it or making the table – it’s all part of the fun.
  • Prepare a family-friendly playlist for the drive.


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