Preschool Activities for Playful Learning

Fun Learning is a comprehensive approach to education with the goal of fostering a passion for learning and continuous development throughout life. Children are naturally curious and find inspiration in everything they see and encounter. The fun learning approach arouses a child’s desire and helps to discover the joy of learning. It tapers the gap between science and the everyday reality of education. Playful learning is a kind of magic that takes place when you blend a child’s natural sense of curiosity with courteously planned learning.

Benefits of play to a child

Play allows children to use their creativity while developing their imagination, adroitness, physical, cognitive, emotional, and strength. Play is important to develop a healthy brain. It is through play that children at a very early age engage and interact in the world around and also study suggests that a child of 3-5 years of age learns very quickly through play and practical awareness rather than sitting with books and making them grasping things. Children discover their independence and positive self-esteem. Also, playful learning helps the development of fine and gross motor skills in them.

Various Activities for preschool learning

To make kids more involving in curricular things some activities are designed:

Dough Activity:-  For this amazing activity you need to give little dough to kids and ask them to make alphabets, shapes, numbers, and anything of their choice. It will provide an invitation for children to explore their senses, creativity to explore their senses, creativity, imagination skills and also this will enhance their fine motor skills.

Sand play Activity: A sand play is an outdoor activity for kids to develop their gross motor skills. Allow them to play in the sand with sand tools and give them knowledge about the sand tools. And ask them to make pyramids, castles with sand, or you can give a tray full of sand and ask them to write their names or any drawing with their fingers, this will help them to learn more.

Rope and beads Activity: This is an eye-hand coordination activity (Eye-hand coordination is the ability to perform movements with the hands while being guided by the eyes). Give your child a thin rope and some colorful beads and ask them to count the beads and string them in the rope, with this they will create a masterful creation. Another bonus is it will increase their self-esteem and assemblage.

Finger painting: With this amazing and colorful activity kids will learn how color works, especially mixing up primary colors. Allow your child to do freehand painting on a piece of paper and let them use their imagination and creativity. This will support their sensory integration, as this will improve their fine motor skills by strengthening finger and hand muscles by learning about colors, shape, and spatial relationships, and also it will increase their touching and smelling senses.

Fire Free cooking: Through this activity the students learn the spirit of teamwork, culinary skills, appreciating the hard work put into cooking. The aim of this activity was also to provide a platform for students to showcase their talent and explore new areas of interest. Kids will try to make several dishes which can be made without fire. This will help to increase their contemplative skills.

Guess the Sound: In order to help children hear the sounds that makeup words, we play “The Sound Game”. It can be played anytime and anywhere. This activity helps the child to increase their ability to hear and think. It will also boost their vocabulary – by learning to say the names of the objects and will develop their categorizing skills.

Ice play experiments: Ice play is a sensory activity for toddlers that involves playing with ice and water. For this task, a child needs water, trays/containers, and whatever thing they want to freeze (toys, flowers, colors, etc.) When their pursued item will get freeze they will experience a new way to see that old toy in an innovative way. This wonderful activity will give them a new opportunity to experiment with something new and fun loving with their old toys.